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Resource Mines

1. The World Map has mines for every type of resource. You can send armies to gather these resources for you.

2. Resource mines have different levels. They higher the level, the more resources they'll contain. 

3. The closer they are to the Royal City, the higher level resource mines will be, and the more resources they'll contain. 

Note:Armies marching across Black Earth will have their speed lowered considerably.

Elite Mines

1. Elite mines are very rich in resources. You can send armies to gather them.

2. Gather speed in Elite mines will be much higher than at other resource points. Your gather limit is determined by the Load of your army. 

3. Elite mines will recover their resources a certain amount of time after they are exhausted, so gather as much as you'd like! 

Note: You can only gather from Elite mines within your alliance territory. You won't be able to interact with Elite mines outside of your territory.


1. You can find monsters anywhere on the World Map. Send armies to defeat them and win rich rewards.

2. The first time you kill a new level of monster, you'll receive a First Kill Reward, in addition to rich rewards. 

3. Kill monsters in your alliance territory for the chance to win addtional rewards. 

Note: You must start by attacking low-level monsters. You must defeat a monster at one level before you can attack monsters at the next level.

Black Earth

The Royal City is surrounded by Black Earth. Your marching armies' speed will be lowered substantially.

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