How do I create an alliance? Edit

You can create or join an alliance as soon as you're done with the Newbie Tutorial Tap the "Alliance" button to enter the alliance screen. The first time you create or join an alliance, you'll earn a reward of 200 Gems. Creating an alliance only costs 200 Gems. Just enter your alliance name and nickname and, as long as they're not taken, your alliance will be created! You can change your alliance language in the alliance settings.

How do I disband or leave my alliance? And how do I change the Alliance Leader? Edit

1. Each lord can only join one alliance. If you wish to join a new alliance, you must first leave your current one.

2. How to leave an alliance: Tap "Alliance" -> "Manage Alliance" -> "Leave Alliance." 

3. If the alliance leader wants to leave, they must choose "Disband Alliance" or transfer leadership to another member first. 

4. If the alliance leader does not login for 3 days, then the system will automatically transfer leadership to another member.

How do I change my Rank in my alliance? Edit

All alliance members above Rank 3 can adjust the ranking of other members, as long as those members are a lower rank than themselves.

How do I change my alliance name? Edit

Alliance name not catchy or cool enough? You can change the alliance name and nickname in the alliance settings. Of course, there's a small fee to change it. Only the alliance leader may change the name and nickname.

How do I change the alliance language? Edit

Tap "Alliance" -> "Manage Alliance" -> "Alliance Settings"

Note: Only the Alliance Leader can change the alliance language.

Elite Mines Edit

1. The World Map will randomly spawn new Elite Mines that can only be gathered if they're in your alliance territory.

2. Armies in Elite Mines will receive a gathering speed bonus. 

3. Elite Mines won't disappear when they're exhausted. Instead, they'll recover their resources after a certain amount of time. 

4. There's no limit to the number of Elite Mines you can have in your territory. 

5. You can check on your current Elite Mines on the Alliance Buildings screen.

Alliance Buildings Edit

Build an Alliance Castle to unlock the other alliance buildings.

1. Alliance buildings can be attacked. If their Defense reaches 0, they'll be removed automatically. If the Alliance Castle is removed, the Fort will be removed as well, but other alliance buildings won't be affected. 

2. You can also check on the real-time status of all Elite Mines from the alliance buildings screens, and jump directly to an Elite Mine by tapping its coordinates.

Territory Boss Edit

The Territory Boss event can be activated by the Alliance Leader once per week as long as your alliance territory is larger than 500. Once the event is activated, some random boss monsters will be generated in your territory. Kill the boss monsters to earn rewards and points. At the end of the week, alliances will be ranked according their total points earned. The top-ranked alliances will get bonus rewards.

Alliance Relationships Edit

1. There are 3 types of alliance relationships: Union, Friendly, and Enemy. After setting an alliance relationship, both sides will get a notification mail.

2. Both members of a Union cannot attack each other, and they can gather in each other's territory without tax. Union alliance territory will be marked in blue on the World Map. Each alliance can enter up to two Unions. 

3. Friendly alliances will be marked in tan on the map. If you try attack a Friendly target, you'll get a pop-up reminder asking you to confirm before you proceed, helping prevent misunderstandings. 

4. Enemy alliances will be marked in red. Be careful when you see red players on the map. They might attack you at any time!

Alliance Help Edit

1. Tap the Help button above the Alliance Camp to Help all allies instantly, or Help them from the Alliance screen.

2. When you're upgrading buildings, researching new technology, or healing wounded soldiers, you can ask for Help from your allies. Their help will lower the required time. 

3. The number of times you can be Helped is determined by your Alliance Camp level.

Alliance Shop Edit

1. Alliance members can earn Alliance Honor by making donations or participating in certain events.

2. Alliance members can spend their Honor in the Alliance Shop to buy the items they need. 

3. The alliance will also earn Alliance Points when members make donations and participate in certain events. 

4. Alliance Leader and Rank 4 members can spend Alliance Points to add items to the Alliance Shop.

All Mail Edit

To make it convenient for the Leader or members to manage and communicate, there's an all mail feature. Alliance members can use All Mail whenever they want to let the whole alliance know about something.

How do I use All Mail? Edit

Tap "Alliance" -> "Group Chat" and leave all alliance members selected. Note: Any alliance member can send alliance mail, but to ensure that the Alliance Leader and Rank 4 members can give clear orders, we recommend that you use All Mail sparingly.

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