How do I get resources? Edit

1. Your city has special blocks for building resource buildings. Once you've built them, you can collect resources at regular intervals. Upgrade your resource buildings to increase their output. Building more can greatly increase your resource output, but space is limited, so be careful about how you allocate it to new buildings.

2. The World Map will randomly spawn resource points. Select one and tap "Gather" to send a certain amount of soldiers to occupy the spot and gather its resources. It takes time to gather resources. The exact amount of time depends on your army's Load stat. When they've finished gathering, your troops will automatically return to you city.

3. The World Map will also randomly spawn Elite resource points, which produce more resources than regular resource points. Join an alliance to gather from Elite resource points in your alliance territory. Note: You can only gather from Elite resource points in your alliance territory.

Upgrading your buildings, training your soldiers, researching new technology, gathering resources, joining an alliance, and fighting the world's monsters are all excellent ways to grow your territory!

There's power in numbers! Chat frequently with your allies, and they'll become a core part of your AoM experience.

How do I attack monsters? Edit

1. The World Map is covered with fearsome monsters of different types and levels. The number before a monster's name shows its level.

2. The first time you kill a new level of monster, you'll receive an especially high reward. For repeat kills, you may earn a resources or even Lord XP as rewards.

3. Kill low level monsters to earn the power to challenge next-level monsters. (E.g., you must defeat a Level 1 monster before you can challenge a Level 2 monster.)

4. Kill the monsters in your alliance territory for a chance to win bonus rewards.

5. When battling monsters, some soldiers will be wounded and sent to the Hospital. (If there's not enough room in the Hospital, the leftover wounded will die automatically.)

How do I protect myself? Edit

1. To keep your city is safe from battle, you can use items that prevent your city from being attacked. (However, troops outside of your city won't be protected.)

2. You can send your troops to gather with other allies on an elite resource tile in your territory, of send them to reinforce a relatively high-level ally's city. Neither of these methods protects your troops entirely, but they can help reduce your chances of loss if attacked.

3. Use a teleportation item to move your city to a new place, away from oncoming attacks.

4. Join an alliance and teleport your castle to be close to your allies so you can help protect each other.

5. Build a Hospital and avoid conflicts with more powerful players to minimize your losses.

How do I change my avatar? Edit

1. On the "Account" page, tap your avatar portrait to enter the avatar selection screen. Select the portrait you like and tap "Change Avatar" to confirm the change. If you don't have the "Change Avatar" item, you'll automatically be deducted 200 Gems.

2. If you have one, find the "Change Avatar" item in your Pack and tap "Use." Select the portrait you like and tap "Change Avatar" to confirm the change. If you don't have the relevant item, you can buy one from the Shop.

3. You can also tap the "Customize Avatar" button to upload your own photo to use as an avatar. After your custom avatar is uploaded, it will require a short verification period. If the verification fails, the custom avatar will not display. Uploading a custom avatar costs Gems or a "Change Avatar" item.

4. Custom avatars featuring insulting, violent, pornographic, racist, and/or politically or religiously extremist content are forbidden.

How do I change my name? Edit

1. If you have one, find the "Change Lord Name" item in your Pack and tap "Use." Enter your new name and tap the "Change Name" button to confirm. If the username is available, the change will then be complete.

2. On the "Account" page, tap the name change icon next to your username. Enter your new name and the "Change Name" button to confirm. If you don't have the "Change Lord Name" item, you'll be automatically deduced 200 Gems.

Note: Your username and city name are the same. If you need a "Change Lord Name" item, you can buy one from the Shop.

How can I get free Gems? Edit

1. Completing some important quests will grant free Gems.

2. You'll get free Gems the first time you join an alliance.

3. Gather from Gem Mines on the World Map to gather free Gems.

4. Participate in limited-time events to earn huge Gem rewards.

5. Sign-in at the Daily Rewards at the Merchant Ship to get weekly Gems.

6. Raise your Lord Level to get a certain amount of Gem rewards.

7. Defeated monsters on the World Map have a chance to drop Gems.

8. You'll get Gems as a reward every time you update to the newest game version.

9. In purchasing events, you can get additional free bonus Gems when you buy Gems.

10. You can also get free gems from the Daily Prize feature.

11. If you subscribe to a Monthly Card, you can collect Gems daily while the card is active.

How do I bind my game account? Edit

Tap your avatar, then tap "Account," then tap "Bind Account" to use an account binding option. You can currently bind your account with Facebook, Google Play, or Game Center, and we will continue working on adding more third-party account binding options. Once you've successfully bound your account, you will be able to login to it from any device.

Each single third-party account can bind up to two game accounts per server.

Where did my post go? Edit

We've made some adjustments to World Chat. Currently, chats are divided into 4 tabs: Recent, Hot, I'm Following, and My Topics. The topics you participate in will be saved in the relevant tabs, so simply select the relevant tab to find the topic you're looking for.If no one comments or likes your post for a certain time, it will be deleted automatically.

What if I can't understand the chat? Edit

To help make it easier for players from all over the world to communicate with each other, we've made some adjustments to the chat system. Simply activate the Auto-Translate function on the "Language" page, or tap the letter icon in the upper right-hand corner of the chat page, and all chats will be automatically translated. And of course, when words fail, there's always emojis!

How can I make suggestions? Edit

Well, first, thanks for working with us to help make AoM better and better! We really value your feedback and suggestions, so we've added a "Feedback" button on the Settings page to help you reach our official support team directly. We've also recruited some player volunteers to act as Mods, so feel free to contact our Mods with your suggestions as well. Mods aren't official AoM employees, but one of their responsibilities is to collect your feedback to share with the AoM team. Thanks again for your support!

What if I see some offensive behavior? Edit

We really want AoM to be a safe and fun place for the global community to meet and play together. To help maintain that safe environment, we've added a "Report" function. If you see an offensive message, avatar, signature, flag, etc., all you have to do is long-press it to bring up the "Report" option, then tap to make your report to us. We'll work hard to verify the report and respond with appropriate measures. Thanks for your help in maintaining a positive AoM community!

What's a Veteran ("Vet")? Edit

1. Vets are not official Age of Myth: Genesis employees. They are just passionate AoM players volunteering their time and experience.

2. Vets are here to help you learn about and master the game more quickly.

3. Vets will also observe the game atmosphere and help us collect community feedback.

4. Vets have no authority other than the above responsibilities. If you find that a Vet is abusing their position, please use our Feedback system to report that Vet to the official Age of Myth: Genesis support staff.

5. Vets may sometimes be busy. You can always still contact our official team with the Feedback button!

6. REMEMBER: Vets are just other players. Do not share any personal, account, or payment information with a Vet.

How do I raise my Battle Power? Edit

Recruiting soldiers, building and upgrading buildings, researching new technology, and recruiting Colossuses are all ways to raise your Battle Power.

What are the VIP benefits? Edit

1. When you activate VIP, you'll enjoy many special privileges, allowing you grow much faster than an average player.

2. Login each day to get VIP Points. Login on continuous days to earn greater amounts of VIP Points.

3. You must Activate VIP to use the privileges for your VIP level.

4. Every time you raise your VIP level, your VIP status will automatically activate for 24 hours, completely free.

5. You can also use VIP Points items to raise your VIP level.

6. When you activate VIP, you can also use the Quick Search function on the World Map to save time finding resource mines and monsters.

My castle's on fire! What do I do? Edit

1. If you Castle Wall is overcome by another player (meaning your defenses failed), it will start burning. While burning, your Defense will drop continuously.

2. Once your Castle is burning, simply login to begin the burn time countdown, after which the fire will go out automatically. You can also spend 100 Gems at any time to extinguish the fire instantly and recover full Defense.

3. The basic wall burning time is 1 hour, but the exact time will be determined by the severity of the attack. Once the wall burning time has ended, the fire will be extinguished automatically. You can spend Gems to extinguish the fire at any time by tapping Castle Wall > Defense > Extinguish.

4. When the Castle Wall Defense reaches 0, you'll castle will be randomly teleported to a new location. Once teleported, your Defense will automatically recover in full.

How do I move my city buildings? Edit

If you're not satisfied with your building layout, you can tap on your Castle, then "Details," then "Move Building" to start rearranging your buildings. Note that moving a building will use up a "Move Building" item or 200 Gems.

How do I move my Castle? Edit

Random Teleport: Sometimes you might need to get away from a sticky situation, but you may not have enough Gems or items to choose an ideal spot. Or maybe you don't care where you go, as long as it's new! Then, you can use a "Random Teleport" item or spend 500 Gems, and your castle will port to a random spot on the World Map.

Elite Teleport: Sometimes you might need to move to a specific location to be ready for battle. Then, you can simply tap your chosen spot on the map to use an "Elite Teleport" item or spend 2000 gems and port to your chosen location.

Territory Teleport: The Territory Teleport exists to help you move around more easily WITHIN your alliance or union territory for much cheaper than an Elite Teleport. If your castle is already 100% within alliance or union territory borders, and your territory meets the minimum size requirements, you just need to use a "Territory Teleport" item or spend 700 Gems to move to a chosen location within your territory.

Teleporting Across Realms: If you want to move to join friends in another realm, make sure your account is less than 2 days old, your castle is Level 8 or below, and you have less than 2 Million resources in total (including those in your pack and mail), or you won't be able to teleport across realms. If you meet all these conditions, then you can teleport by simply viewing the Globe Map, selecting the realm you want, and tapping anywhere on the ground in that realm to move there with an Elite Teleport.

How do I block other players? Edit

1. From your mail list, tap any player's avatar to bring up the "Block" button. Block them to avoid receiving their messages. They will then show up on your Blocked list.

2. You can Unblock a player to start receiving messages from them again. Go to "Settings" -> "Block User" -> "Unblock."

Note: The Block function can only block messages from players. It can't prevent them from attacking you.

How do I turn off push notifications? Edit

Follow these steps to turn off push notifications:

Go to your device settings, then to the "Notifications" options. Look for "App Notifications." Scroll through your list of apps until you see Age of Myth: Genesis, and turn off the "Allow Push Notifications" option.

Note: Different devices will have different settings options. We recommend you check you device manual for specific instructions.

You can also tap your in-game avatar, tap "Notifications", and turn on or off as you wish.

What's a Rally? Edit

1. A Rally is a group attack. Rally with your allies to attack another player's castle, attack a monster, or go explore the Ruins.

2. The Rally Sponsor will have to wait a certain amount of time, during which other players can join the Rally. When the waiting time is up, the Rally army will automatically march towards its target.

3. To start or join a Rally, you must have built a Hall of War and be part of an alliance. The max number of soldiers that can join the rally will be determined by the sponsor's Hall of War level.

4. Each player can only send one army to the Rally.

5. Only the sponsor can disband the Rally, and only before the waiting time is over. Once the rally has set out, the sponsor will need to use a Rally Recall item to cancel the Rally attack.

How do I get help from my allies? Edit

1. First, make sure you've built an Alliance Camp and joined an alliance. Then, your allies can help you with Resource Assistance and Reinforcements.

2. In your Alliance Camp, you can check your current Reinforcements, both inside and outside your castle.

3. Your Alliance Camp level determines how many Reinforcements can be left inside your castle outside of battle.

How can I send more marching armies? Edit

Research "Legion" technology in your Library to unlock another marching army. You start with 2 marching armies, but by researching each "Legion" level, you can unlock a total of 3 more as you level up. When you reach VIP Level 7, activating VIP will also unlock an additional march.

Can I bookmark a spot on the map? Edit

You can bookmark any spots on the World Map you want to remember. There are three bookmark options: "Mark," "Friendly," and "Enemy." Simply tap any spot on the World Map and then tap the coordinates that pop up to bookmark it. Tap the book icon on the left side of your World Map screen to find or delete your old bookmarks.

How do I upload a Custom Flag? Edit

On the Change Flag screen, use the "Customize Flag" option to upload a picture of your choice, which you may then pair with the set effect of your choice to create a unique flag. Once it passes this process, it will automatically be set as your flag. If the system approval fails, you'll receive a game mail with the relevant consequences.

Note: Photos containing or hinting at offensive, violent, pornographic, racist, and politically or religiously extreme content are forbidden. If your picture is found in violation of these restrictions, it will be removed. Uploading a custom picture also has a risk that other people may download and use it, so please choose with care.

I want to be King! Edit

The leader of the alliance that successfully Seizes the Crown and Guards the Crown will have the right to name any player they choose as King. If they do not select a King within a certain amount of time, then they will automatically become King.

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