City Functions Edit

Construction Queue

1. This is where you'll see the time remaining for buildings under construction. Tap to go directly to that building.

2. Use the item "Golden Hammer" or spend 200 Gems to hire a second construction queue for a day, allowing you to build two buildings at once.

Castle Edit

1. Your Castle is the most important building in your city. Upgrade your Castle to unlock more buildings and higher building upgrades.

2. Tap "City Info" to get an overview of your city, including current resource output, total army, army details, and upkeep costs. 

3. Tap "City Buff" to use items and effects for temporary city stat boosts that will help you grow your city faster.

Barracks Edit

1. You can recruit all kinds of soldiers in the Barracks.

2. The level and number of troops you can recruit is determined by your Barracks level and Training Grounds level. 

3. You can also find an option to Discharge unneeded soldiers by viewing their relevant recruitment page in the Barracks.

4. You can cancel an on-going recruitment, but only 50% resources will be recovered.

Training Grounds Edit

1. Upgrade your Training Grounds to increase the number of soldiers you can recruit at once.

2. You can build more Training Grounds to recruit more soldiers, but remember to be careful about how you allocate your space.

Hospital Edit

1. Soldiers wounded in battle will be automatically sent to the Hospital to await healing. If the Hospital is full, the wounded soldiers who can't enter will die.

2. Hospital capacity is determined by your number and level of Medic Tents. Build and upgrade as many as possible to hold more wounded soldiers. Of course, you still have to remember to allocate space for other buildings. 

3. If you don't want to spend resources healing low-level soldiers, you can also just Discharge them.

Medic Tents Edit

Your number and level of Medic Tents will affect the number of wounded soldiers your Hospital can hold, so remember to build and upgrade them frequently! Just remember that space is limited, so remember to leave spots for other buildings.

Library Edit

1. You can perform all sorts of technology research at the Library. Upgrade the Library to unlock higher level technology.

2. If you cancel ongoing research in the middle, you will only get back 50% of the resource cost. 

3. Researching each new technology requires the following: Upgrade your Library to the required level, research any required preceding technologies, and make sure you have enough resources.

Depot Edit

This is where you can store resources to protect them from being plundered by other players. The higher your Depot level, the more resources you can protect. If your city's resources aren't harvested, they won't be stored in your Depot, so remember to harvest your resources regularly.

Alliance Camp Edit

1. The higher your Alliance Camp level, the more times you can be Helped by your allies, and the more Reinforcement troops can be left in your castle outside of battle.

2. Your Alliance Camp level determines the max amount of assistance troops you can receive. If you haven't built an enemy, you can't receive assistance. 

3. Sending assistance is the most effective way to protect your allies, as you can deal heavy damage to invaders. 

4. Troops returning to the Alliance Camp don't use up an marching army queue.

Blacksmith Edit

1) Blacksmith Intro

When your Castle reaches Level 5, you'll unlock the Blacksmith. The main function of the Blacksmith is to forge equipment and fuse equipment materials. 

2) Forging Equipment

Equipment Materials: Each piece of equipment requires several specific materials to forge. The higher quality your materials, the better chance you have of forging higher quality equipment. The higher your equipment quality, the higher your equipment stats. 

3) How to get equipment materials:

1. You can buy Materials Chests in the Shop. Open them to get materials of varying qualities. 

2. Defeat monsters on the World Map, and they will also have a chance to drop materials. 

4) Equipment Quality

Equipment has 5 different quality levels: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. The higher the equipment quality, the higher its stats will be. 

5) Equipment Forging Rules

The final quality of a piece of forged equipment is related to the materials used to forge it. The higher the quality of your materials, the higher the quality of your equipment. 

Note: If your forge chance isn't 100%, you may not successfully forge equipment of this quality. 

6) Material Fusion Rules

Materials can be fused into 5 different levels of quality: White, Green, Blue, Purple, and Orange. 5 White materials can be fused into 1 Green material, and so on. 

7) Disassembling Equipment

Equipment can be disassembled to get the fusion materials. Each of the materials will drop 1 level in quality, but you will get 3 of each type.

Hall of War Edit

Your Hall of War unlocks the "Rally" function. After you join an alliance, you can Rally with your allies to combine your armies into a group attack. The max number of soldiers that can join the Rally is controlled by the sponsor's Hall of War level. You can also increase the maximum by researching relevant alliance technology. Rallying is a great way to overcome a super strong opponent!

Castle Wall Edit

1. Your Castle Wall level determines your city's Defense.

2. You must keep your Castle Wall upgraded to upgrade your Castle. 

3. Your can recruit Colossuses in your city to raise your Defense. The max number of Colossuses you can recruit is determined by your Castle Wall level. 

4. When your city is attacked successfully, your Castle Wall will start burning, and your Defense will gradually drop. If your Defense drops to 0, your city will be forced to relocate to a random location.

Farm, Sawmill, Stone Mine, and Iron Mine Edit

The Farm, Sawmill, Stone Mine, and Iron Mine are all resource production buildings. Upgrade them to raise your resource production output.

Watchtower Edit

Your Watchtower serves as guard of your city. It will raise an alarm when your city is being attacked or scouted so you can prepare your defense. As you upgrade it, it will be able to provide you with more detailed and accurate information about other players' armies. It will also let you know when an ally is sending reinforcements or resources, though the alert is different than when you're being attacked.

Drill Grounds Edit

Your Drill Grounds determine the max size of your marching army. Upgrade it to increase your army size limit. You can also check and edit your saved army formations here so you can send custom armies out more quickly and efficiently.

Merchant Ship Edit

Visit the Merchant Ship to collect Daily Rewards, subscribe to a Monthly Card, and buy some of the items you want.

1. Go to "Merchant Ship" -> " Daily Reward" to get a reward for logging in each day. 

2. Go to "Merchant Ship" -> "Monthly Card Reward" to buy a Monthly Card and get more daily rewards. 

3. Go to "Merchant Ship" -> "Merchant" to get special limited-time deals on certain items, or to sell resources for Shells you can use to buy more from the Merchant.

City Hall Edit

Your City Hall gives you quick access to the "Prize Draw," "Daily Quest," and "Invite,"  no matter what your current level.

1) Daily Quests:

According to your daily activities, complete certain tasks to win fixed amounts of points. Once you've earned enough points, you can collect relevant rewards, and move on to the next reward tier. 

2) Invite:

Invite friends to join AoM through your bound third-party account to earn rich rewards. 

3) Prize Draw:

Draw random prizes for the chance to get your most coveted items. You have a chance to win one free item each day, and then after that each draw will have a cost. If you draw a bomb, your prize draw is done for the day! If you draw a Crystal Ball, then congratulations: You can draw another prize, but it will cost you a Crystal Coin! If you don't like your current prize, you can choose to give it up and start the prize draw over.

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