Mail Edit

Check any player's info and tap "Send Mail" to open the mail screen. Input your message and tap "Send," and a chat thread will be started with that player. Tap the "Mail" button at the bottom of the screen anytime to check or reply to your incoming messages.

Group Chat Edit

Use the Group Chat function on the Alliance screen to invite specific allies into a group chat. The max size is your alliance size. Once a group is created, members can be added but not removed. (So if you leave a Group Chat, you won't be able to rejoin it again.)

Alliance Chat Edit

Tap the chat bubble icon at the bottom of your screen to open the "Chat" screen, then tap "Alliance" or "World" at the top of the screen to switch between channels. The default channel is the Alliance Channel, where you can discuss tips and strategy with your allies.

Tap the coordinates that your allies send you in chat, and you will jump directly to that location on the World Map. This is extremely useful for coordinating battles and sharing intel! Of course, make sure you've used the proper format when writing your coordinates, or the system won't recognize them. 

Note: To use the alliance chat channel, you must first join or build an alliance.

Sharing Topics Edit

1. Post your thoughts and opinions to other players worldwide in World Chat!

2. We've adjusted the World Chat system so topics are divided into 4 tabs: Recent, Hot, I'm Following, and My Topics. You can use the relevant tab to check the posts you're interested in.

Translate/Original Edit

Age of Myth: Genesis players from all over the world are playing together in real time. That means you'll frequently be meeting players from other countries. An in-game translate function is available for you to communicate with these players more easily. Just tap another player's post to bring up the translate option, then select it to translate to the language you're using. The translation function is still being perfected, however, so remember that it may not completely reflect the poster's original meaning. We'll keep working to perfect it!

Note: Right now, the translation function is only supported in personal statuses, chat, and player mail.

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